Workmans Compensation:

Injuries that occur in the workplace are serious issues, and the employers’ insurance company will do everything in their power to deny the victim any type of benefits. You still have rights if you have been injured at work, and you need an experienced workers compensation lawyer that will go to bat for you against your employer’s insurance company.

Storto & Finn is prepared to make a case for you because you have a right to medical care, monetary payments, or other type or compensation depending on your injury in the workplace that you may have suffered. You deserve honest and forthright workers compensation lawyers who will be up front in telling you your chances of success, will keep you up to date in information as the case progresses, and give you proper legal guidance as situations unfold.

A workers compensation claim is not a lawsuit against your employer, but it is a claim for benefits against your employer’s insurance carrier. (Although, if you have been illegally terminated as a result of your workplace injury, we will help you establish a case against your employer for wrongful termination.)

The paperwork, filing, and proper means of creating a workers compensation claim in Illinois is a difficult and intricate process. We at Storto & Finn have the proper experience needed in establishing a workers compensation claim, and we will do everything we can to make sure that your claim is processed, and you obtain proper compensation for your injury on the job.

There are a multitude of instances in which you may file a workers compensation claim after being injured while performing your duties at work, and your employer’s insurance companies have attorneys and doctors on their side to prevent any benefits that they have to pay. You need competent and experienced workers compensation attorneys like us at Storto & Finn to fight for every dime that is owed to you.

No one should be left alone to fight the insurance companies by themselves, so if you have been injured while at work and are being denied any type of reimbursement for the damages that you suffered, call us today and set up an interview so we can begin to work on your workers compensation claim.


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